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The way to his heart is through his stomach, right? This Father's Day, send him a fun tote, cooler bag or basket filled with guy-friendly snacks, hot sauces, soap and more.
He'll appreciate your hand-selected healthy choices in his one-of-a-kind, all-natural Father's Day gift basket.


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Fresh and Natural Gluten Free Health Gift Basket Fresh and Natural Gift Basket

This fresh and cheery cotton canvas tote contains nothing but natural, great tasting snacking goodness (gluten-free and vegan as well!). The perfect birthday, get well, or just thinking of you gift basket.

Our Price: $54.00
Selfie Gift Basket Selfie Gift Basket (You provide tote image)

A gift basket as unique as you are! Selfie your dog holding a sign for your college student, a group photo from the office to cheer up a recovering patient, or a vintage photo for a birthday gift. Your image goes on the bag, along with the items shown and any additional ones you choose. The possibilities are endless, and so much fun. This gift basket is guaranteed to deliver a smile! :)

Our Price: $54.00
Peace Love and Happiness Gift Basket Peace Love and Happiness Gift Basket

Wish someone the best of everything symbolically and literally with the simplicity of Peace, Love and Happiness. The tote contains a nourishing assortment of chips, candle, sweets, sparkling water and tea. Sure to deliver a smile, and a healthy dose of peace and love to the recipient.

Our Price: $59.00
Organic Snack Attack Health Gift Basket Organic Snack Attack Gift Basket

An all-occasion gift basket consisting of organic and all natural fruit, nuts and trail mix. Each of these gift items provide crunchy nourishing goodness. Ideal for recovering patients, hard working college students or anyone in need of a nourishing pick-me-up.

Our Price: $69.00
SunSational Healthy Gift Basket SunSational Gift Basket

You can't help but smile when this sunny gift basket arrives! SunSational features a cheery assortment of four pieces of fresh fruit, cookies, and chocolate treats. There's room to add more items from the list below for your personal touch. Remember to add your personal gift note!
Two Fresh Oranges
Two Fresh Apples
Bissinger's Chocolate Covered Blueberries
SunCups Sunflower Cups
Dancing Deer Shortbread Cookies
Chocolove Chocolate Bar
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Our Price: $44.00
A World of Thanks Healthy Thank You Gift Basket A World of Thanks Appreciation Gift Basket

Acknowledge someone's kindness, an important business relationship or above-and-beyond effort with this unique and thoughtful snack collection. They'll enjoy the fabulous, natural flavors and crunch combinations that are all wrapped up in an organic cotton canvas shopping bag (that will certainly be put to good use long after the goodies are gone). When you express your heartfelt thanks to those who deserve it, it makes a world of difference!

Our Price: $99.00
Sunburst Gluten Free Health Gift Basket Sunburst All Natural Gift Basket

This cheery sunshiney cotton canvas tote contains nothing but natural, great tasting snacking goodness (gluten-free and vegan as well!). Brighten their day with all-natural goodness.

Our Price: $54.00
Snack Vine Organic Gift Basket Snack Vine Gift Basket

The Snack Vine Gift Set is laden with a wonderful array of grazing goodies that will make healthy munching a glorious occasion. Whatís not to love about this exuberant set of organic and full-size snack options in a full size, reusable canvas tote bag.

Our Price: $94.00
Trailblazer Healthy Gift Basket Trailblazer Gift Basket

The Trailblazer gift basket delivers a delicious assortment of high quality treats that are perfect for a friend in need of a boost, housewarming, college students, recovering patients, kind folks you would like to thank, co-workers, bosses or anyone who likes to nosh.

Our Price: $64.00
You Only Live Once All Natural Gift Basket You Only Live Once Gift Basket

This organic and all-natural collection of sweets and snacks combined with the inspirational "You Only Live Once!" tote bag is a unique gift basket for birthdays, get well, hostess or housewarming occasions.

Our Price: $74.00
Colossal Snackage Package Organic Gift Basket Snack Collection Colossal Snackage Package Gift Basket

The Colossal Snackage Package is best described as an out-and-out-crowd pleaser. Itís a giant collection of yummy, all-natural snacks and treats that are sure to satisfy every food craving in the snack category Ė salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, fruity and just downright indulgent Ö..itís all in the bag. This is a veritable cornucopia of healthy delicious treats to munch on, all contained in a perpetual use 100% cotton boat bag, with a handy outside pocket, trimmed in red fabric and completed with a beautiful three pear image.

Our Price: $139.00
Connections Healthy All Natural Gift Basket Connections Gift Basket

The soulful gift set is sure to warm hearts and bring smiles. This gift set features soothing tea, shortbread cookies, artichoke dip with crackers. The recipient will enjoy the satisfaction of growing their own organic basil right on the kitchen counter ... and in a few weeks add the fresh flavors to favorite dishes.

Our Price: $69.00
Jump Starter Coffee Gift Basket Jump Starter Coffee Gift Basket

This java-licious basket filled with freshly ground coffee, coffee mug, cookies and biscotti will provide a nice jump start for the recipient at any time of the day.

Our Price: $59.00
Organic Fruit and Nuts Health Gift Basket Organic Fruit and Nuts Gift Basket

Need to thank a gracious hostess or boost the spirits of a recovering patient? You can't go wrong with this organic fruit and nut basket. 100% crunchy nourishing goodness, no artificial colors or ingredients.

Our Price: $59.00
SuperDad Fathers Day Gift Basket SuperDad Gift Basket

Celebrate dad with a gift that he'll enjoy! Filled with nutritious yet tasty snack items, show your father just how super he is with this unique gift bag. Even SuperDads need refueling.  The perfect gift basket for Dad.

Our Price: $69.00
Nature's Bounty All Natural Health Gift Basket Nature's Bounty Gift Basket

They'll be so pleased with every item in this all-natural gift basket filled with full-size gourmet gifts. The makings for a delicious pasta dinner, fun and flavorful all-natural popcorn, the delicious artichoke bruschetta and wonderful crackers, and the sweet treats to enjoy with a hot cup of tea - over-the-top goodness. This gift set makes a perfect gift for family, it's a cheery hostess gift, a thank you gift, or an acknowledgement of a special occasion.

Our Price: $144.00
Wise and Wonderful Gift Basket Wise and Wonderful Gift Basket

This brightly colored owl tote will bring a big smile, especially when the recipient peeks inside to see the delicious assortment of delicious, healthy snacks. Personalize the gift even further by adding more gift options. A unique and thoughtful gift basket to acknowledge the wise and wonderful people in your life.

Our Price: $54.00
Soup's On Organic Gift Set Soup's On! Gift Basket

Who doesn't appreciate a little boost in the kitchen? This delightful reusable fruit gift box contains the ingredients that will create a delicious, nutritious meal. A perfect get well soon or just thinking of you gift basket.

Our Price: $49.00
Worlds Greatest Personalized Gluten Free Gift Basket World's Greatest Gift Basket (Personalized)

This personalized cotton canvas tote contains nothing but natural, great tasting snacking goodness (it's all gluten-free as well!). Personalizze the message on the tote bag for a one-of-a-kind gift basket as unique and special as the lucky recipient.

Our Price: $64.00
Crowd Pleaser Organic Gift Basket Crowd Pleaser Gift Basket

There's something for everyone with this robust gift set.

Our Price: $149.00
Gluten Free Health Basket Gluten Free Snack Gift Basket

Gluten-free diet? No problem! This spunky gluten free gift basket is filled with a delicious assortment of gluten-free snacking goodies that are sure to bring a smile.

Our Price: $54.00
Naturally Colorado Organic Gift Basket Naturally Colorado Snack Gift Basket

For those who have experienced the natural beauty of Colorado, this gift basket will jog the senses with a rich combination of all natural snacks. A delicious combo of Colorado snacks that is sure to please. There's room in the tote to add more Colorado favorites from the available product options.

Our Price: $44.00