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Sympathy and Condolences Gifts

When someone in your life is faced with a loss, it can be difficult to find the right words to express your feelings and pay your respects in a tasteful and respectful manner. Give the gift of a bereavement gift basket filled with useful items the recipient can appreciate.

Losing someone is never easy. If youíre searching for a sympathy gift other than flowers, create something special with a sympathy gift basket or tote filled with all-natural products.

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Serenity Natural Spa Gift Basket Serenity Spa Gift Basket

A gift set that imparts reflection and relaxation.

Our Price: $55.00
Fresh and Wholesome Healthy Gift Basket Fresh and Wholesome Healthy Gift Basket

A large tin tub filled to the brim with wholesome sweets, snacks, chips, dips, cookies and fruit. This naturally delicious gift basket makes a statement about the importance of good health (all items are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives) and is the gift to give when you want to say thinking of you - a lot! Reflect your corporate values with a gift basket filled with all-natural treats.

Our Price: $219.00
Snack Vine Organic Gift Basket Snack Vine Gift Basket

The Snack Vine Gift Set is laden with a wonderful array of grazing goodies that will make healthy munching a glorious occasion. Whatís not to love about this exuberant set of organic and full-size snack options in a full size, reusable canvas tote bag.

Our Price: $94.00
Forever in our hearts gift basket Forever in Our Hearts Sympathy Gift Basket

This is a lovely gift to tell them how sorry you are for their loss. The tote's image and words send the message that their loved one will be remembered with great respect and love. Send a nurturing gift sure to touch them and express your caring in the sweetest way, with healthy food.

Our Price: $74.00
Connections Healthy All Natural Gift Basket Connections Gift Basket

The soulful gift set is sure to warm hearts and bring smiles. This gift set features soothing tea, shortbread cookies, artichoke dip with crackers. The recipient will enjoy the satisfaction of growing their own organic basil right on the kitchen counter ... and in a few weeks add the fresh flavors to favorite dishes.

Our Price: $69.00
Flower Power Gift Basket Flower Power Gift Basket

A cheery, all-purpose gift basket designed to reach out and thank, encourage or support a friend, colleague or family member. The gift set features a delicious and healthy assortment of sweets, snacks and crackers and dip.

Our Price: $64.00
Our Thoughts Are With You Sympathy Gift Basket Snack Collection Our Thoughts Are With You Sympathy Gift Basket

This gift will provide comforting nourishment for the mourning family. This gift set includes a cornucopia of healthy delicious treats to munch on, all contained in a perpetual use 100% cotton boat bag, A tasteful and thoughtful gift that shows you care.

Our Price: $139.00
Sincere Sympathies All Natural Sympathy Basket Sincere Sympathies Gift Basket

This savory all natural gift basket is a lovely way to nurture those dealing with the loss of a loved one. This sympathy gift basket features artisan pastas, gourmet sauces, dipping oil, artichoke dip, pita crackers and shortbread cookies. When all the goodies are gone, the basket will serve as a gardening basket or room organizer. A healthy way to show how much you care.

Our Price: $129.00
A Bountiful Bushel Healthy Gift Basket A Bountiful Sympathy Gift Basket

This robust gift basket includes a healthy collection of all sweets, snacks, chips, dips and plenty of snacking goodness to comfort a family during their time of loss and grieving.

Our Price: $104.00
Soup's On Organic Gift Set Soup's On! Gift Basket

Who doesn't appreciate a little boost in the kitchen? This delightful reusable fruit gift box contains the ingredients that will create a delicious, nutritious meal. A perfect get well soon or just thinking of you gift basket.

Our Price: $49.00
Nature's Bounty All Natural Health Gift Basket Nature's Bounty Sympathy Gift Basket

They'll be so comforted with every item in this all-natural gift basket filled with full-size snacks. The makings for a delicious pasta dinner, two types of flavorful organic popcorns, the delicious artichoke bruschetta and wonderful crackers, and the sweet treats to enjoy with a hot cup of tea. Nurturing, healthy and filled with goodness.

Our Price: $144.00
Tranquility Natural Spa Gift Basket Tranquility Gift Basket

This spa or get well soon gift basket designed to impart reflection and relaxation.  Order today!

Our Price: $59.00
Colossal Snackage Package Organic Sympathy Gift Basket Snack Collection Colossal Sympathy Gift Basket

The Colossal Sympathy Package is a nurturing and comforting combination of treats to help when people are grieving. Itís a giant collection of yummy, organic and all natural, full-sized products sure to satisfy every food desired in the snack category Ė salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, fruity and just downright indulgent Ö..itís all in the bag. This is a veritable cornucopia of healthy delicious treats to munch on, all contained in a perpetual use 100% cotton boat bag. A unique and thoughtful sympathy gift basket designed to show how much you care.

Our Price: $129.00
Crowd Pleaser Organic Gift Basket Crowd Pleaser Gift Basket

There's something for everyone with this robust gift set.

Our Price: $149.00